Edit a CDN Hostname for the current Account


This action requires the following tokens:

  • cdnhostname-update


Required arguments are marked in bold, and optional arguments are marked in italics.

Argument Type Default Description
hostname String   The Hostname of the CDN Hostname to change into
serverrole String   Server Role the CDN hostname belongs to
newserverrole String   New Server Role to the CDN hostname to
protocol String  

Protocol for this CDN hostname

This argument can only contain one of the following values:

  • Both
  • HTTPOnly
  • SSLOnly


This action produces the following output on success:

An object containing the following fields:

Name Type Description
hostname String Hostname for this CustomHostname
serverrole String The name of the role to which the Hostname belongs
protocol String The protocol used


This action can return one of the default status codes, or one of the following status codes on error:

If the CDN Hostname specified by Hostname, ServerRoleId, and Account or Customer already exists.
The CDN hostname is not found in the database
You need to specify either Customer or Account to access this
When the provided server role is not found