Players are used to define how a player should be displayed in the StreamOne platform.

Player skins can be system-wide, customer-wide or account-specific.

The fallback behavior of a player can be one of the following:

A player has AutoPlayNext settings, where the autoplaynextfollow option can be one of the following:

The adblocker-detection settings are only used if they are enabled in your account.

A player can have one or more (javascript) plugins which are loaded together with the player. Custom settings are also supported, which is mostly useful in combination with plugins. All custom settings are passed as a key/value pair during player initialization and will be passed to all plugins.

Normally, when clicking on the share button in the player, it will show a textbox which contains HTML code that can be copied to embed the video. The embedcodeenabled option allows one to disable this textbox.

Managing players

  • View – View information on existing players
  • Create – Create a new player
  • Edit – Edit an existing player
  • Delete – Delete an existing player

Managing player plugins

See also the player plugin API.

Managing player settings