Security profiles are used to limit access to objects.

Every profile has a list of rules. These rules are checked in order (from lowest position to highest). If the conditions of a rule match, the verdict will be applied. Otherwise, the next rule will be checked. If no rule applies, the verdict will be ALLOW.

A rule can have a start and/or end date/time, to make it only valid in that period.

The platform supports the following rule types:

Note that in the output rules are always sorted by their position.

Managing security profiles

  • View – View existing security profiles
  • Create – Create a new security profile
  • Edit – Edit an existing security profile
  • Delete – Delete an existing security profile

Managing rules in security profiles

  • Addrule – Add a rule to a security profile
  • Editrule – Edit a rule in a security profile
  • Removerule – Remove a rule from a security profile