Transcode profiles are used to transcode items

Transcode profiles support the notion of a scale type. This is only used when both the width and height of a transcode profile are provided (i.e. they are not -1). In this case the platform needs to decide how to scale the input video. There are three possible values:

For example, if the input video has a width of 200 and a height of 100 and the transcode profile defines both a width and height of 100, the following will happen for each option:

When transcoding video the platform supports deinterlacing input video and producing both progressive and interlaced output videos.

For input deinterlacing three values are supported (the numeric values are here for backwards compatibility. It is recommended to use the string variants):

For output the system again accepts three values:

Note that there are two combinations that will probably not be what is intended:

The following actions are defined for this command: