View usernames and hashes of one or more users. Used for autocompletion purposes. When authenticated as a customer you can only view users of that customer. When authenticated as an account you can only view users that have rights in the same account.


This action requires the following tokens:

  • user-read-basic


Required arguments are marked in bold, and optional arguments are marked in italics.

Argument Type Default Description
searchusername String   Only show user containing the given string somewhere in the username
limit Integer 20 The maximum number of results to include in the output
offset Integer 0 The number of results to skip when outputting


This action produces the following extra headers on success, besides the default headers:

Name Type Description
count Integer The total number of results that would be returned when pagination would be disabled

This action produces the following output on success:

An array containing zero or more elements, each one being an object containing the following fields:

Name Type Description
id Hash User ID
username String Username


This action will always return one of the default status codes.