Requests and ResponsesΒΆ

Sending requests
To send a request, a HTTP-request must be sent to the API server. Details of how to create such a HTTP-request are included in this document.
Handling responses
The reponse can be given in various formats, depending on the parameters for the request. This document details how to handle responses received by the API.
Requests to the API must be signed using preshared keys. This document provides all details on how this authentication is performed.
An application can be used to have users login with their username and password, starting a session which can be used to execute requests on behalf of that user. This document explains how this works, and links to the various API actions involved with sessions.
Single Sign-On
The API provides support for creating user sessions using a single sign-on service. This document explains how user credentials from a single sign-on service can be linked to a user, and how this can be used to create sessions.
This document provides a list of all parameters available for use in API version 3.