Playing content stored in the StreamOne Platform can be handled completely by StreamOne by just including an embed frame, or it can be handled entirely in a custom way, requesting just the media files from the StreamOne platform. The StreamOne Platform provides the following elements to facilitate playback of stored media items:

The most simple way to embed content is to include an iframe in your website, which does all the work of building the correct playlist for the requested content, including the player, and displaying the requested content.
The items and files stored in the platform can be requested directly using one of the provided Media Links for the various streaming formats that the platform supports.
Items (especially video-items) can contain posters, which can be used as thumbnails / previews for these items.
StreamOne Player
The StreamOne player is a hybrid Flash/HTML5 media player, providing high customizability through extensive skinning support.
Statistics Pingbacks
If you are building a custom implementation of a video player (e.g. native app player), you need to send custom pingbacks to the StreamOne platform to enable the generation of complete statistics.