Progressive streaming can be used to stream files using progressive playback.

When streaming mp4 files, additional parameters are supported. For seeking, the parameter start is supported in the streaming-url. It can be combined with smartstart and smartend parameters that can be used for creating a virtual clip within a mp4 file. It is not possible to seek outside of the smartstart and smartend region if those parameters are used.

URL Format

The streaming link looks like this:<ACCOUNT>/item=<ITEM>/<NAME>.mp4.

The parameter <ITEM> is used to identify the item to stream, while <ACCOUNT> should be the account-id. The extension .mp4 is used to identify the file type. Finally, the <NAME> parameter can be any desired filename, which can be used for SEO-purposes.

A full example URL:


When streaming secured (private) items, it is neccesary to apply authentication to the streaming link. For more information, see below.

Stream a specific file (on-demand)

It is possible to define the exact file to stream. This can be done with the file parameter, using the wanted file-id. If the file-id is not defined, the StreamOne Platform will determine the best suitable file.

Virtual clips (on-demand)

It is possible to define a virtual clip within the item (only for mp4). In order to achieve this, the smartstart and smartend parameters can be used.

If smartstart=60 is used, this means the clip will playback from approximately 1 minute after the real start of the item. If smartend=120 is used, this means the clip will end 2 minutes after the real start of the item. If both are combined this means the resulting clip will be approximately 1 minute long.

An example of a stream with a virtual subclip:

Security / authentication

Signing a link overrides all other security mechanisms (like security profiles and the protected setting). Thus, with a signed link an item or livestream can always be viewed.

More information about signing can be found in the signed URL documentation.