Posters are image-previews of items and are automatically generated for all video items in the StreamOne Platform. It is also possible to upload posters using the normal upload process. Currently, this is only possible using HTTP upload tokens, by specifying the thumbnail value when creating the uploadtoken.

URL Format

The poster links looks like this:<ACCOUNT>/item=<ITEM>/<NAME>.<FORMAT>.

The parameter <ITEM> is used to identify the item to get the poster of, while <ACCOUNT> should be the account-id. The extension <FORMAT> is used to identify the file type. Currently only .jpg (JPEG) is supported. Finally, the <NAME> parameter can be the following:

  • poster to request the master poster image
  • Any number starting from 1 up to the total number of posters of the item to request a specific poster.

Using one of the following GET parameters is supported:

  • width: an integer to use as the width for the resulting image. The resulting image will keep the aspect ratio of the original image and will be scaled down / up to the requested width.
  • height: same as width but then for the height.
  • size: a string in the format WxH where W and H are integers. The resuling image will be of the specified size. If the aspect ratio of the original image is different from the requested aspect ratio the image will be cropped such that it fits exactly in the requested size, thus cropping either the top and bottom or left and right part of the image.

It is not supported to provide more than one parameter of either width, height or size. Although not supplying any parameter will not cause an error, it is not recommended because the resulting image will have an arbitrary size. Please always supply either width, height or size.

Some example URL’s: