Dropoff Directory


Using a dropoff directory for uploading, you can upload content directly to an account. It is also possible (depending on the StreamOne environment that is set up), to add content to the directory using NFS, Samba or other external methods.

By adding an XML file containing metadata for the file, you can immediately add necessary metadata to the uploaded content without requiring extra API interaction.

Performing an upload

You can use your favourite method of file transferral to add content to the upload directory.

The XML filename must be in the format of video.mp4.xml (if the video file it accompanies is named video.mp4). The XML will have to be uploaded before uploading the media file is done to ensure that it is read during the ingesting process, before the media file is ingested.

Available XML Fields

All of the following fields in the XML file are optional. CDATA should be used when using UTF-8 characters. Failure to parse the XML will cancel the ingest process for that file. The video will be moved to the ‘error’ directory and an ‘item-ingest-xml-fail’ event will be dispatched if this occurs. In order to restart the ingest process for the failed file, the file can be moved back to the ingest root (or uploaded again).

The root element of the XML file must be called <xml>. Every field is a separate element within this root element. There are no attributes for any element.

Field name Description
title Item title
author Author
copyright Item copyright info
description Item description
externalid External ID for this item
externallink Social media link for this item (http/https url)
keywords Item keywords, comma separated
securityprofile Security Profile ID for this item
secure Bool: 0 or 1. If set to 1, content will be restricted (signature access only)
archived Bool: 0 or 1. If set to 1, only the created renditions will be used for streaming; defaults to 1, and should not be set to 0 unless there is a reason to do so
categories Categories to which item should be added, comma separated ID’s. Will only be used for new items
exportjobs Export Jobs to which item should be added, comma separated ID’s
transcodeprofilegroup Transcode Profile Group to which item should be transcoded. If not set, use account default
transcodepriority The priority of Transcode Jobs that are created; one of idle, low, medium, high or realtime; note that some priorities might not be available for the active account and/or profile, in which case the priority is adjusted to the highest allowed priority lower than the given priority
isposter Bool: 0 or 1. If set to 1, this upload will be treated as a poster image. Only images are supported
masterposter Bool: 0 or 1. If set to 1, set this poster as the master for the item
item ID of the item to set the poster for. Only used if isposter is 1